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Executive Coaching

Executives today find themselves needing outside help as we all frequently encounter the limits of our capacity especially in a rapidly changing marketplace.




Whether you are exploring coaching personally for your own benefit or you’ve been tasked to find “support” for leaders in your organization who aren’t making the grade, or want to take their performance to the next level, you are probably aware that failure rates for senior leaders have been pegged at between 40-50%.

Said another way, that means that close to 50 percent of your leaders, promoted internally or hired externally, aren’t meeting their goals and objectives.

The cost to the organization is mind-boggling. The cost to you as that leader who is frustrated or dissatisfied with the progress of your career is just as huge and will impact your financial and personal results for years to come.

In this rapidly changing and competitive marketplace, executives today find themselves needing outside help as we all encounter the limits of our capacity in a rapidly changing marketplace.   Executive coaching:

•   addresses what is getting in the way of performance
•   enhances already satisfactory performance
•   creates a whole new approach to leadership

Autonomy works with executives to tap into their own capabilities to produce the leadership and results they need for their business and their personal ambition. We help with fundamental business challenges as well as specific business issues such as what, how and with whom leadership should spend their time in order to produce their business and personal goals and objectives.


Should this support and approach seem appropriate for you or your internal clients contact us here.