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Leadership Development

How, with whom, for what purpose, and what outcome, do you communicate, coordinate and act? We laser focus on where you are today and the outcomes you desire to produce.



Numerous pundits have written about leadership development. Titles and tomes fill book stores and libraries in the thousands on all facets of leading others. These treatises typically analyze leadership outcomes and situations and then digest them into key tips and techniques for the masses.

Our approach is singular in its grounding in the fundamentals.

For without the clarity around the selves in your organization and yourself, without articulated ambitions and missions, and without clear linguistic articulation of who is doing what, how and by when; you’re operating at a deficit to another competitor that has that clarity.

It sounds easy; you may even assess your organization possesses this clarity. We challenge that assumption!

And our grounding lies in both the lack of successful business performance in the marketplace today and 40 to 50% failure of goal achievement by leadership. Instead, we focus on the basics. We ground ourselves, our clients and their teams in the fundamentals of leadership –

•   the self you are
•   the selves you work with
•   the narratives (strategies, tactics, practices) you all share

  – to produce the outcomes you desire.

Linguistically based, we go to the core of how, with whom, for what purpose, and to produce what outcome, do you communicate and coordinate.


If broad organizational alignment, leadership fundamentally developed and delivered, and increased employee engagement and satisfaction is what you desire, please contact us.